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Lunu Kanda / Rice Porridge – Traditional nutritious food supplementary


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Greatest Health Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge For Breakfast That Will Surprise You

Rice porridge is a dish consisting of rice, water, and other ingredients added to give flavour. Congee or conjee is another name for rice porridge Rice porridge has been an important dish in Sri Lanka as well as many Asian countries for centuries. It can be eaten plain, where it is typically served with side dishes. It is also a staple in many other countries, including Burma, Indonesia, Japan, and even parts of Europe. Congee is essentially a rice porridge made by boiling rice in a great deal of water until it breaks down into a pudding-like consistency

Although eaten by all family members, congee is most often served to children and people who are ill or convalescing as it is easy to digest. It’s also incredibly economical. Rice porridge is served as a breakfast food, the main meal, similar to a thick soup.


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Lunu Kanda / Rice Porridge – Traditional nutritious food supplementary

Dehydrated foods from Ceylon Notorious rice soup or traditional rice porridge new

Ingredients Red raw rice, Galic, Ginger and a bit of salt


  1. Polyester inner pack (PET+MPET+LLDPE)    –   Sizes:  width- 5.5cm, height-9cm
  1. Paper outer bag   –   Sizes:   width-6cm, height-11cm

Cardboard container  –   Sizes:   width: 6.5cm, height: 11.5cm

How to store:- Store in a cool dry place,

How to use:- – Empty the contents of a sachet into your cup

– Pour 100ml (1/3 of a cup)  boiling water and mix well so that not make clods.

– Then add the remaining boiling water & let it simmer for about two minutes.

– Add a bit of salt to the taste


It gives the Greatest Health Benefits of Eating daily Rice Porridge for Breakfast. That Will Surprise You. Rice porridge is what most Sri Lankan people would have had in the early times, for lunch or breakfast, which actually has been an ancient practice. When you are sick, rice porridge would get instant energy. In addition, rice porridge has various health benefits, which are amazing. It is also considered to be one of the most nutritional foods of all which has been taken by our ancestors most of the time.  5 Greatest Health Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge for Breakfast That Will Surprise You

  • Provides instant energy:
  • Averts dehydration:
  • Averts and treats constipation:
  • Helps to manage diarrhea:
  • Treats viral infections:
  • Helps in relaxing the mind and body:

Lunukanda soup has an anti-diabetic and anticancer effect and is good for the human gastrointestinal
system. It increases the immunity system and also has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and diuretic activities. So that lunukanda is a traditional functional beverage
in Sri Lanka.
– Chandrasiri, Kasun & Rathnayake, R. (2020). HEALTH BENEFITS OF A TRADITIONAL SRI LANKAN SOUP